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Trains to and from Murcia Airport (MJV)

Murcia Airport is located approximately 17 miles, or 45 km south of Murcia; therefore it is actually quite far from the city from where its name is derived. It is in San Javier, and therefore also known as the Murcia-San Javier Airport, within the district of Santiago de la Ribera. This Spanish airport serves a number of cities on the Costa Cálida, and is also a popular arrival point for those visiting the southern tip of the Costa Blanca. The three main cities forming a triangle with the airport are Murcia, Torrevieja and Cartagena. Murcia Airport is not served by any trains, as it does not have its own railway station, however, there are buses and taxis for transport from the airport.

Murcia is one of Spain’s smaller airports, handling only around 1.3 million passengers per year; therefore the forms of public transport from the airport are somewhat limited. There is no train station at the airport, and no direct connection with a railway station nearby either, only a bus services which travels to the Santiago de la Ribera bus stop a few kilometres away. This bus is operated by the Latbus Company, and is available three times per day, in the early, middle and late afternoons. Although very cost effective, the buses are only convenient for use should your flight arrival coincide with the bus schedule.

The nearest train station to Murcia Airport is the Balsicas-Mar Menor Railway Station, approximately 10 km from the airport. Passengers arriving at Murcia Airport who wish to reach the train station will have to take a taxi from the airport, as buses do not travel to the railway station. The taxi rank is found just outside the arrivals area, and the taxis are usually available at all hours of the day. However, it is always possible to reserve a taxi in advance of your arrival at the airport. The railway station of Balsicas-Mar Menor is operated by Renfe, which is the Spanish Railway network, and the station itself can be contacted at 968 580 052. The number for direct information from Renfe is 902 240 202, and will connect you with the 24-hour information line of the company. From the railway station nearby Murcia Airport, passengers will be able to find connections to many other major Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Tarragona and Montpellier.

Travelling by rail in Spain is a popular form of transport from one city to the next, and is often considered to be most convenient. Train travel is also relatively inexpensive. Passengers are able to bring their luggage aboard the trains, and in general, three items with a total of 20 kg is allowed, and can be stored in adequate places supplied on the trains. Train passengers are advised to take care of their items of belongings, as the Renfe-Operator cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that occurs, either on or off the train. Unfortunately, like in all countries, there are those that may steal from others, therefore always safeguard things like your money and passports. Never keep them in a pocket that is easily accessible, and perhaps try to split your money between a few places; therefore, you will not lose everything should an item of yours be stolen. However, guards are often found on the trains and at the train stations in Europe, who can assist you should there be any incident.

When travelling in Europe, there are many types of trains, and various tickets that can be purchased, usually from all the main train stations that have ticket offices. The Eurail Renfe Pass is ideal for foreign visitors, who would like to explore the cities of many European countries. The Eurail Pass includes the Eurail Global Pass, Eurail Select Pass, Eurail Regional Pass and the Eurail One Country Pass. The Select Pass allows travel between 3, 4 or 5 selected countries, and is valid for 5, 6, 8 or ten days worth of travel within two months. There is also the Eurail Global Pass Youth available, which is a variant of the Eurail Global Pass, and is for the exclusive use of passengers under the age of 26. Seniors citizens will receive discounted railway services, and children under the age of six may travel for free, provided that they do not take up a seat.

At Murcia Airport, passengers can find out more information regarding the train services in Spain from the information desk in the arrivals area, or from the tourist information offices available. There is also plenty of information on Renfe’s official website, at