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Murcia Airport Taxis (MJV)

Murcia Airport is found in Spain, in the district of Santiago de la Ribera, and along the Costa Cálida. It is a popular arrival point for tourists and visitors coming to resort towns such as Torrevieja, and for those travelling the southern tip of the Costa Blanca. Cartagena is another fairly large town nearby Murcia Airport, and Murcia itself is approximately 17 miles, or 45 km from the airport. Spain is well know for its lovely warm summers and exquisite beach areas, and its airports are therefore generally busier during the warmer seasons. From Murcia Airport, arriving passengers can travel to their next destination by bus or taxi. Taxis are often the logical choice as the bus services are rather infrequent.

Murcia Airport Taxis can be found just outside the arrivals terminal, and are available at all hours. Although it is usually possible to reserve a taxi for your arrival at the airport, it is seldom necessary. Murcia Airport consists of a single terminal that has received a number of expansions over the recent years. The arrival and departure areas were both renovated and extended, to allow for a greater number of check-in desks and to facilitate passenger movement. However, Murcia Airport is still considered to be one of Spain’s smaller airports, handling around 1.3 million passengers per year. The airport is also well known as the Murcia-San Javier Airport, due to its location in this area.

The taxi operator at Murcia Airport can be contacted at 968 573 300. Taking a taxi at Murcia Airport may well be your only option for transport, as there are only three bus services per day, available in the afternoons, and the buses only travel the short distance to the Santiago de la Ribera bus stop. Further bus connections can be found from there. There is no railway station at the airport either; the nearest one is the Balsicas-Mar Menor Railway Station, about ten kilometres from the airport. The buses do not provide connections for the railway station; therefore a taxi must be used for the journey. Passengers who do not wish to spend a lot of money on taxi fares should just ride the short distance to the nearest public transport stations, and then continue their journey by train or bus, as the trip to Murcia city is quite long, and will cost in the region of 55 Euro by taxi.

Passengers who are willing to pay for the convenience of a taxi can travel to all areas surrounding Murcia Airport. Taxis, although expensive, are a very comfortable way to travel. The taxi driver will help you with your luggage, and will take you to the doorstep (curb side!) of your hotel, residence or place of business. The journey by taxi is also often much quicker than that of a bus, as no stops need to be made along the way. Buses only travel set routes, and passengers may find that the bus station or stop is still quite far from where they need to go. It may also be quite difficult to negotiate small children and luggage on and off buses, whereas a taxi is more like driving your own car, except that you don’t need to worry about directions!  

A journey by taxi to La Manga or Torrevieja will cost about 50 Euro, and to Villa Martin, the taxi journey is about 35 Euro. To Cartagena, passengers will pay around 40 Euro, and to Alicante, about 110 Euro. The further destinations of Mójacar and Almería are more costly, at between 180 and 250 Euro. Another possibility of transport from Murcia Airport is by rented car, as there are a number of international and local car hire companies with offices at the airport. A rented car may be more convenient if you require extensive transport for your holiday or business trip, while a taxi is more convenient if you simply need to travel to a certain location from the airport.

Taxis in Spain generally run on a metered system, which means that the fare is based on the number of kilometres travelled. Passengers of a taxi are entitled to ensure that the meter is turned on and is in working condition, and may also discuss the average fare with the driver before leaving Murcia Airport, as there may be additional costs applicable to the journey. The price per kilometre travelled is more expensive during the later night hours and early morning hours, as well as on Sundays and public holidays. Costs may also be added for luggage loaded, and for driving to or from an airport. The first kilometres travelled are usually slightly more expensive, and the price per subsequent kilometres will decrease depending on the distance of the destination.

Taxis within Murcia city may be hard to find on the streets, and are only available from a couple of taxi ranks in the city. They can however be called to come and collect you from your location. Further information regarding taxis at Murcia Airport is available from the information desk in the arrivals area, or from the airport’s official website.