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Buses to and from Murcia Airport (MJV)

Although known as Murcia Airport, the city of Murcia is actually located quite far from the grounds of the airfield. The airport is located in San Javier, and within a triangle of three prominent cities on the southeastern coastline of Spain. These three cities are Murcia, Torrevieja and Cartagena, and the city of Murcia is approximately 17 miles, or 45 km from the airport. Murcia Airport is also commonly referred to as the San Javier Airport, due to its location, and has the official airport code of MJV. Since that it is a relatively small airport, public bus transport is not extensive. However, buses are available from Murcia Airport at certain times of the day.

Murcia Airport is partly a military airbase and civilian passenger airport, and consists of a single terminal building. The airport handles both domestic and international passengers, from mainly charter and low-cost airline carriers. Murcia Airport is not very large when compared to other airports in Spain, such as Alicante and Barcelona, but receives around 1.3 million passengers per year. It is also busier during the summer months, when visitors are arriving to enjoy the resorts of the nearby towns, and the lovely beaches for which Spain is so well known. The airport is located in the district of Santiago de la Ribera, along the northern shoreline of the Mar Menor, and is connected to only this district by a bus service.

Passengers arriving at Murcia Airport will find a baggage reclaim area with four carousels, and in the main arrivals area, car hire companies and tourist information. Outside the arrivals area, buses leave the airport and head for the Santiago de la Ribera bus terminal, which is a short distance away. Since that Murcia Airport is quite small, passengers will have no trouble in navigating the arrivals area, and finding the bus stops. The Latbus Company is in charge of public transport in the Murcia region, and operates buses to all areas within the province. From the airport, the buses leave at 13:25, 16:30 and 19:00.

A bus available only three times a day is not considered by many as very frequent, but is there nonetheless, should you be lucky enough that your flight schedule coincides with the bus. Otherwise, a taxi is your only alternative option for transport, as there is no direct train connection at the airport either. The closest train station to the airport is 10 kilometres away. If you have taken the bus, once arriving at Santiago de la Ribera bus terminal, connections to Murcia and other towns and cities in the Murcia region are available, and buses also travel to the province of Alicante. The Latbus company has a website at, but it is only written in Spanish, and online translation of the website is not very good.   

The same bus can be taken upon returning to Murcia Airport, and in this direction, it is available at approximately the same frequency. Buses depart from Santiago de la Ribera bus station at 13:25, 16:15 and 18:25. Passengers of Murcia Airport should also keep in mind that these times are not set in stone, and an up to date timetable should always be viewed before making any travel arrangements. Further information regarding bus services at Murcia Airport is available on the airport’s official website, at Once arriving at the airport, departing passengers will find the check-in desks in the main lobby of the departures area, along with a cafeteria and a multi-shop, and in the secure departures lounge, a number of other shops and restaurants are available. Passengers will then board their airplane from one of the airport’s five departure gates.

Although the Murcia Airport buses are not very frequently available, the bus services within the city of Murcia are considered to be very reliable, and allow you to easily get from one place to another. You will never need to wait for long before the next bus arrives, and the tickets for travelling anywhere in the city or to other towns nearby are very inexpensive. The buses travel mostly on time, according to their schedules as well. Buses are often a very convenient way to get around, either within a city or to another city or town, and are always by far the most cost effective way to travel.

When arriving at Murcia Airport, the tourist and information desks within the arrivals area will be able to provide further assistance with regards to bus transport from the airport, or the buses that serve the Murcia region.